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Holy Hell! I haven't posted anything in a while...

Man I need to get back on the horse and get things done! My animations have been completely halted for the past couple of months because of either school, work, or me being just lazy!

But I have had time to get a whole story line straight and all! All i need now is to start working on animating it. One problem is I can't figure out good character designs for what I want to do! I got everything else down but holy hell! Trying to think up of 4 - 6 characters is a bit harder than I thought....

If anyone is wondering what the hell I'm talking about, I'm PLANNING on making a cartoon series called Mark. Only I scraped what I had "done" (which was basically nothing) to start fresh and get a better feeling for it. The original plan was to be one single long animation. Now I'm going to make it into three parts. On top of those I have another idea for a series which I will post whenever I think I'm ready for it. But anyways for anyone who may be following me just thought I would post this to keep whoever updated on this...

Ya I'm pretty fucking lazy....

If anyone wants to maybe help me out with Mark send me a PM and we can further planning.

Peace out for now all!


A pretty awsome feeling!

2009-06-24 19:33:08 by EastBishop

A simple congratulation is what you get after you get each of these!

It may not be all that much at first but with more and more you get closer to that goal of what you want! And what you want is up to you to decide! But with times like these it helps to get some help! By help I mean getting what you want for free!

Sure you may question what i want for free? Ya okay there keep dreaming there buddy!

But I assure you there is a way to do this! It's called Swagbucks!

All it is, is a search engine that you can use to virtual dollars called Swagbucks! Once you've collected enough of them you can go to the Swagstore and purchase items you wish to have for free! And I mean FREE!

Once you order the item you want it will arrive at your house in 2 to 3 weeks! I got a small picture of a certain band that I like for about 20 Swagbucks! I would show you the picture of it but my it's on my cell phone and it doesn't like my computer! :S

Anyways this is a totally legit site with thousands and thousands of Swaggernauts out there I've been using it for about 2 or so months now and I just love it a barely use Google anymore!

So if you wanna check it out or sign up here's a link to sign up! Sign up here!

Or If you still dont believe this can be real here's a link to one of their Youtube videos! 60l8

So i thought I might spread a bit of happiness to everyone and hope to see the world using Swagbucks as well! Trust me on this it will change your life!

Im not in the mood to animate today and im completely bored out of my wits! any one got a suggestion?

I gots it all back! :D

2009-05-22 22:45:32 by EastBishop


I can now continue on making Mark :D
Fucking virus....

So yup im back and not on a crappy computer that's WAAAAAY too slow to actually run anything :| LAWL

Don't we all just love technology lol :P

Well I'm out for now peace out NG


Bad news!

2009-05-12 18:13:11 by EastBishop


Well looks like Mark isnt going to be under any develpoment for a while!

My laptop has a virus on it and that means I can't use flash! So I'm kinda reall really pissed off with myself right now!

I'll keep you all updated on when I can continue working on Mark! But until then wish me best of luck!

On another note this does give me time to refine and continue working on improving the script! :D

At least theres some good coming out of this :D

I FUCKING HATE technology! Lol


2009-05-06 22:39:33 by EastBishop

Well im kind of bored on a lonely night.....all by myself....without any protection :P
I've been doodling all night lol and ive come up with a few things lol :D

I'm actually becoming a HUGE!!! fan of Demetri Martin and well go figure his show just came on LAWL!! :D

Well Mark is under production and I'm working on the intro!
I figure I'll be doing this in a few parts cause the story will be just too long for just one film/animation!

And I'm kinda really happy cause I've got a Wacom drawing tablet :D :O
Animating has been sooooo much easier since I got it :D

I'll let you all know when I get close to the finishing date of Mark

Stay tuned fellow NG's


~East~ :3


New flash idea!

2009-04-21 17:41:08 by EastBishop

Ya so the flash I was working on is being scraped!
I couldn't get a solid script going down! It would either be tooo generic or just too boring!
So I've decided that I would make an original animation!
This is curently in the planning stage and writing up the script and story board!
I do have a solid idea going and a great line up for voices going!
So stay tuned for further updates :3

New falsh!

2009-03-29 20:08:57 by EastBishop

Well I'm working on a new flash!
Now that I have a good idea of what i'm doing with flash This one should be able to pass the portal! :3
I will be having an assistant with the audio as a voice lol but I hope this goes over well :)
I have no clue when I will finish this project but it will be in the future (DUH!)
So keep posted to the portal and i will get this done asap!
HEHE! LOVE YA Newgrounds!

I've dont it!

2009-03-02 13:36:43 by EastBishop

I've finally submmited my first flash movie!

I feal very proud of it and hope to see the best for it It's called East's Side Story in case you were wondering lol

Its nothing special really i tryed my best to workk with it lol
I really dont have a great idea of using flash yet but i know the very basics!
So comon portal accept my flash!