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Entry #9

I'm lazy.... Or just fat.... Or both....

2009-12-01 17:49:30 by EastBishop

Holy Hell! I haven't posted anything in a while...

Man I need to get back on the horse and get things done! My animations have been completely halted for the past couple of months because of either school, work, or me being just lazy!

But I have had time to get a whole story line straight and all! All i need now is to start working on animating it. One problem is I can't figure out good character designs for what I want to do! I got everything else down but holy hell! Trying to think up of 4 - 6 characters is a bit harder than I thought....

If anyone is wondering what the hell I'm talking about, I'm PLANNING on making a cartoon series called Mark. Only I scraped what I had "done" (which was basically nothing) to start fresh and get a better feeling for it. The original plan was to be one single long animation. Now I'm going to make it into three parts. On top of those I have another idea for a series which I will post whenever I think I'm ready for it. But anyways for anyone who may be following me just thought I would post this to keep whoever updated on this...

Ya I'm pretty fucking lazy....

If anyone wants to maybe help me out with Mark send me a PM and we can further planning.

Peace out for now all!



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2010-04-27 12:59:28

RU a voice actor?